I-1-7-17.Reporting Requirements

Last Update: 9/14/05 (Transmittal I-1-56)

A. Overview

Even when a court order does not contain specific reporting requirements, SSA collects data through CATS for management information purposes. The various SSA adjudicative levels also report to the Office of Program Law (OPL) in OGC on the results of class action screening and the dispositions of class claims. For OHA recordkeeping, the OAO and HOs will furnish to the OHA Class Action Coordinator copies of all screening sheets and all decisions or dismissals in class claims for which OHA has jurisdiction for readjudication. The OHA Class Action Coordinator will coordinate with OPL as necessary for data entry to CATS.

B. OPL Responsibilities

Within SSA, OPL maintains class action implementation data and generates reports when required. At an appropriate time in the implementation of each class action, OPL will request components to reconcile their screening activity and disposition of class claims with information available in CATS. Accordingly, OHA components must ensure that each alerted case for which they are responsible is screened and each class claim receives a disposition. As necessary, OPL will arrange for the printing of duplicate alerts for alerted cases for which CATS and SSA components can establish no screening activity.

C. OAO Database

To facilitate reconciliation of OHA implementation activity, and to provide management information for OAO, the OHA Class Action Coordinator will maintain a database for OAO implementation activity. At a minimum, the database must contain the following:

  • claimant's name and account number;

  • date of receipt of alert;

  • screening action, i.e., eligible for class relief, non-eligible for class relief (with screen out code), non-OHA jurisdiction or forwarded to another OHA component;

  • date case released;

  • location to which case (or alert) forwarded;

  • disposition of case, i.e., favorable or unfavorable decision (consider a partially favorable decision to be favorable) or dismissal; and

  • date of disposition.

As requested by OGC, the OHA Class Action Coordinator will use the database to determine the status of cases for which CATS shows no screening, or disposition, following a determination that a claimant is a class member entitled to relief.