I-2-3-40.Status Letters

Last Update: 8/15/05 (Transmittal I-2-60)

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), or the hearing office (HO) staff under the ALJ's direction, will send a status letter when a claimant or representative writes to request status of the case.

Consult HALLEX I-1-6-1, Handling Congressional Inquiries at Hearing Offices, for instructions on handling status inquiries from members of Congress.

Consult with the Hearing Office Director (HOD) to determine how to treat inquiries from:

  • the White House, Office of the Vice President, and Cabinet members;

  • state governors and legislators;

  • the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other Federal law enforcement agencies when fraud or other criminal acts are alleged or implied; and/or

  • the media.

HODs should consult with Regional Office (RO) management in these cases.