I-2-5-74.Obtaining Earnings Record Information

Last Update: 9/28/05 (Transmittal I-2-68)

A. Posted Earnings

Access SSA's mainframe computers through SSA's Master File Query Menu to develop for posted earnings record information. In most cases, an online benefit estimate, e.g., ICERS as well as an NDNH (new hire, QTR wage, Unemployment) Query, a Summary Earnings Query (SEQY), Detail Earnings Query (DEQY), or Primary Insurance Amount Estimate (PIAEST) query will provide the needed information. (See Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law manual I-3-2-12 B., Request for Earnings Information — Types of Queries.)

B. Unposted Earnings

Unposted earnings information is not available electronically, e.g., information about earnings during calendar years before 1978 or information about earnings which were reported under an incorrect name or Social Security number.

When earnings are reported under an incorrect name or Social Security number, the Office of Central Operations (OCO) does not post the earnings to an earnings record but rather holds the earnings report in a suspense file until it knows the worker's correct name and Social Security number.

When an ALJ needs information about unposted earnings, and the worker cannot provide independent corroborative evidence of such earnings, the HO staff may request OCRO to manually search (scout) its records. The HO staff may make the scouting request by completing a Form HA-534-U3., Request for Earnings Record Information, and mailing or faxing it to OCRO or by telephoning or emailing the OCRO and providing the same information.

When the HO staff requests information or evidence from OCRO, it should diary the case for 45 days. If OCRO does not respond within 45 days, the HO staff should make a follow-up contact with OCRO by mail, fax, email (resubmitting the Form HA-534-U3) or telephone.

C. Other Uses of Form HA-534-U3

Form HA-534-U3 may also be used to request an employer's employer identification number (EIN), a copy of an individual's application for a Social Security number, copies of actual reports of earnings, or information regarding the manner in which earnings were reported. The same diary and follow-up procedures discussed above will apply.