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Chapter I-2-5. Obtaining Evidence

Table of Contents

I-2-5-1Evidence — General
I-2-5-2Prehearing Case Review by the Administrative Law Judge
I-2-5-10Prehearing Case Review by Other Component
I-2-5-12Remand for Revised Determination
I-2-5-13Claimant Informs Hearing Office of Additional Evidence
I-2-5-14Obtaining Medical Evidence From a Medical Source
I-2-5-15Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence
I-2-5-18Obtaining Testimony from a Claimant's Medical Source
I-2-5-20Consultative Examinations and Tests
I-2-5-22Medical Exhibits Folder
I-2-5-24Claimant Does Not Attend or Refuses to Undergo a Consultative Examination or Test
I-2-5-26State Agency Physician Determines that a Requested Test Would Involve Significant Risk
I-2-5-28Action Following Receipt of Requested Evidence
I-2-5-29Prehearing Proffer of Evidence
I-2-5-30Medical or Vocational Expert Opinion — General
I-2-5-31Blanket Purchase Agreements - Obtaining Expert Evidence
I-2-5-32Medical Experts — General
I-2-5-34When to Obtain Medical Expert Opinion
I-2-5-36Selecting a Medical Expert
I-2-5-38Scheduling a Medical Expert for Hearing
I-2-5-39Obtaining Medical Expert Opinion at the Hearing
I-2-5-40Obtaining Medical Expert Opinion After the Hearing
I-2-5-42Obtaining Medical Expert Opinion Through Interrogatories
I-2-5-44Action When Administrative Law Judge Receives Medical Expert's Responses to Interrogatories
I-2-5-45Action When Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Receives New Evidence After a Medical Expert (ME) Has Provided an Opinion
I-2-5-48Vocational Experts — General
I-2-5-50When to Obtain Vocational Expert Testimony
I-2-5-52Selecting a Vocational Expert
I-2-5-54Scheduling a Vocational Expert for Hearing
I-2-5-55Obtaining Vocational Expert Testimony at the Hearing
I-2-5-56Obtaining Vocational Expert Testimony After the Hearing
I-2-5-57Obtaining Vocational Expert Testimony Through Interrogatories
I-2-5-58Action When Administrative Law Judge Receives Vocational Expert's Responses to Interrogatories
I-2-5-60Action When Administrative Law Judge Receives New Evidence After a Vocational Expert Has Provided Testimony
I-2-5-61Use of Dually Qualified Vocational and Medical Experts
I-2-5-62Evidence from Nonmedical Sources — General
I-2-5-64Obtaining Evidence From Nonmedical Sources – the Claimant
I-2-5-68Obtaining Evidence Directly From Nonmedical Sources
I-2-5-69Using the Internet as a Source of Information in Case Adjudication
I-2-5-70Obtaining Evidence Through an SSA Field Office
I-2-5-71Field Office Employee as a Witness
I-2-5-74Obtaining Earnings Record Information
I-2-5-76Obtaining Assistance in Processing Foreign Claims and Evidence
I-2-5-77Obtaining a Duplicate Audio Recording or Transcript of a Hearing
I-2-5-78Use of Subpoenas - General
I-2-5-80Preparation and Service of a Subpoena
I-2-5-82Noncompliance With a Subpoena
I-2-5-85Use of Prehearing Questionnaires – General
I-2-5-90Sample – Medical Development Letter to Medical Source
I-2-5-91Sample-Letter to Representative Enclosing Copy of New Evidence
I-2-5-92Sample-Letter to Unrepresented Claimant Enclosing Copy of New Evidence
I-2-5-93Sample-Interrogatories to Medical Expert
I-2-5-94Sample-Interrogatories to Vocational Expert
I-2-5-95Sample-Letter to Expert Witness-Written Interrogatories
I-2-5-96Exhibit – Transmittal Letter to Expert Witness-Evidence Received After Interrogatories
I-2-5-97Sample-Letter to Transmit Revised Interrogatories to Claimant or Representative
I-2-5-98Sample-Letter to Transmit Revised Interrogatories to Claimant or Representative
I-2-5-99Sample-Letter to Proffer the Responses to the Interrogatories to the Claimant or Representative