I-2-5-96.Exhibit – Transmittal Letter to Expert Witness-Evidence Received After Interrogatories

Last Update: 9/28/05 (Transmittal I-2-68)


Social Security Administration


Refer to:




Office of Hearings Operations

Doctor's Name
City, State ZIP

Dear Dr.__________________:

This is in reference to the expert opinion which you furnished in the above case on (date) .

I am enclosing a copy of (describe the evidence) which was received after your (testimony) (answers to interrogatories) . This evidence indicates (describe any changes in the fact pattern indicated by the new evidence, and any changes it warrants in hypothetical questions or interrogatories previously posed to the expert witness) . Please notify me in writing by (date) whether or not this additional evidence changes your opinion.

For your convenience, I am also enclosing a postage paid, self-addressed envelope.


Sincerely yours,


Administrative Law Judge



Postage Paid, Self-Addressed Envelope

cc: (claimant or representative)