I-2-6-90.Exhibit – Notice to Deponent

Last Update: 9/2/05 (Transmittal I-2-64)

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Social Security Administration


Refer to:



Office of Hearings Operations
5107 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041-3255



This confirms the telephone conversation regarding this matter.

You are requested to appear at the following time and place to give a deposition regarding the Social Security Disability application of __________________, filed under the provisions of Title II and/or Title XVI of the Social Security Act, which is pending before the Office of Hearings Operations of the Social Security Administration.

Time: (date and hour)

Place: (street address)




The deposition will be recorded by (stenographer) (teleconference recording means) (videoconference recording means).

A Subpoena is planned to be served on you to produce documents. The documents that will be requested to be produced by the subpoena are:_____________________.

The purpose of the deposition is to obtain information you may have about _____________________________________________________________________

You may object to: (i) the deposition; (ii) the manner of taking the deposition, or (iii) the time and place of the deposition. Such objection shall be in writing, shall state what you are objecting to and why you are objecting. Your objections should be addressed to the Administrative Law Judge at least ten days prior to the date of the deposition. The Administrative Law Judge will advise you in writing as to his ruling on your objection. If you do not receive notice of the Administrative Law Judge ruling on your objection prior to the deposition date, please contact the Administrative Law Judge at (PHONE NUMBER).

Please notify me at least ten days prior to the deposition date by writing to me at the address above or by calling ____(phone number)____ if you are unable to appear.


Sincerely yours,


Administrative Law Judge

cc: Claimant and Representative