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Chapter I-2-6. Conduct of Hearings

Table of Contents

I-2-6-1Hearings — General
I-2-6-10Hearing Procedures — Foreign Language Interpreters
I-2-6-12Hearing Procedures — Hearing-impaired Claimant
I-2-6-15Hearing by Video Teleconferencing (VTC) or Telephone
I-2-6-20Affidavits and Depositions
I-2-6-22Deposition Proceedings
I-2-6-34Examination of Proposed Exhibits on Date of Hearing
I-2-6-40Record of the Hearing
I-2-6-42Creating a Hearing Recording
I-2-6-46Partial Omissions or Inaudible Portions in the Hearing Recording
I-2-6-50Administrative Law Judge Introduction at the Hearing
I-2-6-52Opening Statement
I-2-6-54Oaths and Affirmations
I-2-6-56Adducing the Evidence
I-2-6-58Admitting Evidence Submitted At Least Five Business Days Before the Hearing
I-2-6-59Admitting Evidence Submitted Less Than Five Business Days Before the Hearing or At or After the Hearing
I-2-6-60Testimony of Claimants and Witnesses
I-2-6-70Testimony of a Medical Expert
I-2-6-74Testimony of a Vocational Expert
I-2-6-76Arguments by the Claimant or Appointed Representative
I-2-6-78Closing the Hearing
I-2-6-80Continued or Supplemental Hearing
I-2-6-90Exhibit – Notice to Deponent
I-2-6-91Sample - Exhibit List Including Posthearing Deposition
I-2-6-93Exhibit – Deposition Transcript
I-2-6-94Sample - Exhibit List (Final) and Exhibit List - Second Hearing (Final)
I-2-6-95Exhibit – Recording Storage Envelope
I-2-6-99Sample - Waiver by Claimant of Right to Inspect Additional Evidence Under the Provisions of Privacy Act of 1974