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Chapter I-3-9. Reopening and Other Post-Adjudicative Actions

Table of Contents

I-3-9-1Reopening and Revising Determinations and Decisions
I-3-9-5Appeals Council Jurisdiction to Reopen and Revise a Determination or Decision
I-3-9-6Administrative Law Judge Requests Jurisdiction to Reopen and Revise Decision
I-3-9-10Claimant Requests Reopening (Express and Implied)
I-3-9-20Computing the Time Periods for Reopening
I-3-9-30Reopening for Any Reason Within 12 Months
I-3-9-40Reopening for Good Cause
I-3-9-50Diligent Pursuit of an Investigation
I-3-9-60Reopening at Any Time
I-3-9-70Protest Cases
I-3-9-80Analyst Recommendation to the Appeals Council Regarding Reopening of a Prior Determination or Decision (For Revision or Remand)
I-3-9-84Notice of Proposed Revision of Prior Decision
I-3-9-90Post-Appeals Council Action Correspondence
I-3-9-92Requests for Extensions of Time to File Civil Action
I-3-9-95Administrative Law Judge Requests Clarification of Remand Order
I-3-9-97Death of Claimant Shortly After Appeals Council Action