Chapter I-4-1. New Court Cases

Table of Contents

I-4-1-2Commencing a Civil Action
I-4-1-10Receipt of Notice of Civil Action
I-4-1-12Initial Answer Process- Court Case Preparation and Review Branch Responsibilities
I-4-1-14Obtaining Transcriptions of Hearing Recordings
I-4-1-25Analyst Review - Court Case Preparation and Review Branch
I-4-1-41Complaints Filed Following Court Remand
I-4-1-46Extensions of Time to File a Civil Action
I-4-1-50Overview of Preparing the Certified Administrative Record
I-4-1-51Case Priority and Initial Screening
I-4-1-52Assembly of Procedural Material
I-4-1-53Hearing Transcript
I-4-1-54Evidentiary Documents (Exhibits)
I-4-1-55Numbering and Indexing the Administrative Record
I-4-1-56Certification of the Administrative Record
I-4-1-57Sending the Record to Reprographics Staff
I-4-1-58Special Situations
I-4-1-62Certified Administrative Record Duplication
I-4-1-70Retention of Claim Files in OAO Branches Following Preparation of the Certified Administrative Record
I-4-1-90Exhibit - Request for Reprographic Services
I-4-1-93Exhibit - Sample Certified Administrative Record
I-4-1-94Exhibit - Standard Certification Form
I-4-1-95Exhibit - Modified Certification Form