I-4-2-10.Support Staff Procedures Concerning Telephone Inquiries and Requests for Voluntary Remand

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

A. Status Inquiries and Requests for Substantive Action

When the Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) receives a telephone call or an e-mail regarding supplemental review, the support staff may respond directly to a status inquiry or similar request. For telephone calls or e-mail messages requesting substantive action, the support staff must refer the request to an analyst. If the analyst needs a claim(s) file, certified administrative record (CAR), or other documentation, the analyst must make the request immediately and the appropriate case tracking system will be annotated by the support staff to show the date and the nature of the material requested.

B. Notification of Request for Voluntary Remand

Attorneys in the Office of the General Counsel generally initiate a request for voluntary remand (RVR) of a pending court case by e-mailing a specific Court Case Preparation and Review Branch (CCPRB) office mail box based on the CCPRB jurisdictional breakdown (see Hearings, Appeals, and Litigation Law (HALLEX) manual I-3-0-6 and I-3-0-7). The mail box address for CCPRB Number 1 is: ¦¦¦ODAR OAO Court 1. The mail box address for CCPRB Number 2 is: ¦¦¦ODAR OAO Court 2. The mail box address for CCPRB Number 3 is: ¦¦¦ODAR OAO Court 3. The mail box address for CCPRB Number 4 is: ¦¦¦ODAR OAO Court 4. The mail box for CCPRB Number 5 is: ¦¦¦ODAR OAO Court 5. The subject field must show "RVR [Claimant's Name]." After receipt of the RVR memorandum, the support staff will enter the appropriate data into the Litigation Overview and Tracking System and, if necessary, the Customer Information Control System and will hand-carry the memorandum and claim(s) file or CAR to the appropriate OAO operating branch for processing.