I-4-5-20.Office of the General Counsel Does Not Concur with Appeals Council's Conclusion — Request for Reconsideration

Last Update: 8/12/16 (Transmittal I-4-54)

If the Office of the General Counsel disagrees with the Appeals Council's conclusions upon consideration of a request for voluntary remand, the Regional Chief Counsel or the Associate General Counsel for the Office of Program Law may request reconsideration by telephoning or e-mailing the Division Chief Administrative Appeals Judge (DCAAJ). Arrangements will then be made to have the case considered by the DCAAJ.

In those rare instances when the Chief Counsel in the region or the Associate General Counsel remains dissatisfied with the Office of Appellate Operations' position regarding defense of a pending court case, he or she may contact the General Counsel. The General Counsel, or his or her designee, may then discuss the case by telephone with the Associate Commissioner.