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Chapter II-5-1. Administrative Matters

Table of Contents

II-5-1-1Right to a Hearing When Special Earnings Requirements Were Last Met on a Date Earlier Than That Stated in the Notice of Hearing
II-5-1-2Vacating the Administrative Law Judge's Decision When the Appeals Council Grants Review to Remand
II-5-1-3Oral Hearing Upon Remand
II-5-1-4Appeals Council Action on a Request for Review of a Dismissal Order Based Upon a Claimant's Withdrawal of the Request for Hearing
II-5-1-5Appeals Council Action Dismissing a Request for Hearing
II-5-1-6Appeals Council Action When an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Dismisses a Request for Hearing for Failure to Appear Without Proper Notice to the Claimant
II-5-1-7Appeals Council Action When an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Should Have Dismissed on the Basis of Administrative Res Judicata
II-5-1-8Administrative Law Judge Dismisses Request for Hearing When Person Appears at Hearing Without Claimant and Submits Appointment of Representation
II-5-1-9When the Appeals Council or an Administrative Law Judge May Exercise the Discretion to Reopen a Determination or Decision Based on New and Material Evidence