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Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-4-80

Chapter: I-4-8

Subject: Administrative Law Judge Decision After Court Remand


This transmittal amends section I-4-8-25 of the Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law (HALLEX) manual to update instructions relating to requests for appearance.

Explanation of Content and Changes

HALLEX I-4-8-25 – In sub-subsections B.1. and B.2., we added a NOTE, explaining that when the claimant or representative requests an appearance to present oral argument, the Appeals Council will determine whether to grant or deny the request following the guidelines set forth in HALLEX I-3-8-12. In subsection C, we updated the “20 CFR 404.976 and 416.1476” citations because the language about protective filing dates in these regulations was moved to 20 CFR 404.970 and 416.1470. We also made editorial changes throughout.

Date: June 10, 2019