HALLEX Volume I, Division 4

Transmittal Sheets

I-4-66February 14, 2017Supplemental Review
I-4-65February 14, 2017Supplemental Review
I-4-64January 13, 2017Court Remand — Appeals Council Decision
I-4-63January 13, 2017Declarations
I-4-62January 13, 2017Receipt of New Civil Action
I-4-61January 13, 2017Office of Appellate Operations Division of Civil Actions – Functions and Responsibilities
I-4-60January 11, 2017ALJ Decision After Court Remand (FINDEC)
I-4-59January 11, 2017Processing of ALJ Decision After Court Remand
I-4-58August 24, 2016Court Remand – Appeals Council Decision
I-4-57August 24, 2016Court Remands
I-4-56August 22, 2016Court Remand – Remand to ALJ
I-4-55August 22, 2016Court Remands
I-4-54August 12, 2016Requests for Voluntary Remand
I-4-53August 12, 2016Supplemental Review
I-4-52June 20, 2016New Court Cases
I-4-51April 27, 2016Court Remands
I-4-50April 1, 2016Court Remands
I-4-49January 12, 2016Motions and Non-Adjudicative Requests
I-4-48January 12, 2016Other Actions
I-4-47January 12, 2016Court Remands
I-4-46January 12, 2016New Court Cases
I-4-45January 6, 2015Other Actions
I-4-44January 6, 2015Processing of ALJ Decision After Court Remand
I-4-43January 6, 2015Court Remands
I-4-42January 6, 2015Supplemental Review
I-4-41January 6, 2015New Court Cases
I-4-40August 3, 2015Other Actions
I-4-39March 9, 2015Processing of ALJ Decision After Court Remand
I-4-38March 2, 2015Processing of ALJ Decision After Court Remand
I-4-37March 2, 2015New Court Cases
I-4-36January 16, 2015Office of Appellate Operations Division of Civil Actions — Functions and Responsibilities
I-4-35December 1, 2014New Court Cases
I-4-34November 18, 2014New Court Cases
I-4-33November 13, 2014New Court Cases
I-4-32September 19, 2014Court Remands
I-4-31September 19, 2014Court Remands
I-4-30July 3, 2014Court Cases
I-4-29December 3, 2013Workup of Case by Analyst
I-4-28July 30, 2013Court Remands
I-4-27June 21, 2013Court Remands
I-4-26June 21, 2013New Court Cases
I-4-25June 21, 2013Court Remands
I-4-24March 28, 2013Court Remands
I-4-23March 27, 2012Special Procedures for Critical Cases
I-4-22January 27, 2012Court Remands
I-4-21August 6, 2009Special Notices for Blind or Visually Impaired Claimants or Recipients
I-4-20April 30, 2009Court Remands
I-4-19December 16, 2008Court Remands
I-4-18June 12, 2008Court Remands
I-4-17January 23, 2007Court Remands
I-4-16October 31, 2005Court Remands
I-4-15September 13, 2005Civil Actions
I-4-14December 23, 2004Court Remands
I-4-13September 1, 2004Court Remands
I-4-12August 26, 2004Court Remands
I-4-11June 2, 2004Court Remands
I-4-10September 17, 2003Civil Actions
I-4-09June 30, 1994Civil Actions
I-4-08November 18, 1993Class Actions
I-4-07June 30, 1993Civil Actions
I-4-06April 9, 1993Court Remands
I-4-05March 31, 1993Civil Actions
I-4-04October 30, 1992Supplemental Reviews
I-4-03February 28, 1992Court Remands
I-4-02September 15, 1991Court Remands
I-4-01October 30, 1990Civil Actions