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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-5-0

Division 5: Temporary Instructions

Subject: Index of Temporary Instructions


This transmittal updates the Index of Temporary Instructions (TIs) in Volume I, Division 5. We are removing a number of TIs because they are either obsolete, have served their purpose and are no longer needed or the pertinent information has been incorporated into Divisions 1 through 4.

Explanation of Content and Changes

The following TIs are being removed from Division 5:

5-1-8 Administrative Actions Denying Reopening (issued June 18, 1991)
5-1-12 Exception to the Applicability of Administrative Res Judicata — Section 5107 of Pub. L. No 101-508 (issued April 12, 1994)
5-1-13 Profile Screening of Requests for Hearing (issued March 21, 1995)
5-1-14 Procedures for Implementing Initiative Number 7 of the Short Term Disability Project (STDP) (issued March 21, 1997.
5-2-1 Processing Supplemental Security Income Claims Involving Aliens (issued April 11, 2000)
5-3-1-A Continued Payment of Disability Benefits Until the Hearing Decision (issued April 15, 1983)
5-3-1-C Continued Payment of Disability Benefits/Payments Until the Hearing Decision (issued May 18, 2001)
5-3-4 Continuation of Disability Payments In Remanded Cases (Title XVI-Only and Title II/XVI Concurrent Cases) (issued March 8, 1985)
5-3-10 Standards for Consultative Examinations and Existing Medical Evidence (issued March 12, 1992)
5-3-11 The Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) Early Development Notification Procedure (issued September 9, 1992)
5-3-12 Evaluation of Illiteracy (issued October 1, 1993)
5-3-13 Evaluating Claims Involving Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection (issued November 5, 1993)
5-3-14 Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (February 6, 1995)
5-3-14-A Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (November 14, 1997, (revised August 24, 2000))
5-3-16 Medical Diary Codes for Favorable Disability Decisions, Impairment Diagnostic Codes and regulation Basis Codes for All Disability Decisions (issued January 27, 1999)

We are retaining the following TIs:

5-1-15 Processing Cases Involving Potential Fraud, Similar Fault and Abuse Issues (issued June 15, 2001)
5-1-16 Video Teleconferencing Procedures (issued September 2, 2003)
5-1-17 Oral (Bench) Decision Procedures (issued Oct 20, 2004)
5-3-17 Instructions for Processing Subsequent Disability Claims While a Prior Claim is Pending Review at the Appeals Council (issued April 30, 2001)

All TIs in Chapter I-5-4 (Court Cases) will be retained at this time.

Date: September 2, 2005