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HALLEX Volume I, Division 5

Transmittal Sheets

I-5-607July 17, 2017Redeterminations Under Sections 205(u) and 1631(e)(7) of the Social Security Act
I-5-603ANovember 27, 2017Redeterminations Under Sections 205(u) and 1631(e)(7) of the Social Security Act
I-5-603November 16, 2015Redeterminations Under Sections 205(u) and 1631(e)(7) of the Social Security Act
I-5-6-2ASeptember 23, 2015Redeterminations
I-5-6-2May 21, 2015Redeterminations
I-5-601AApril 25, 2016Redeterminations Under Sections 205(u) and 1631(e)(7) of the Social Security Act
I-5-6-1August 11, 2015Redeterminations
I-5-600April 5, 2019Redeterminations under Sections 205(u) and 1631(e)(7) of the Social Security Act
I-5-5-5April 19, 1991Medicare Claims Processing
I-5-5-4June 1, 1990Need to Consider Total Patient Condition in Medicare Cases
I-5-5-3September 14, 1987Medicare Appeals Under Section 1886(f)(2) of the Act
I-5-5-2-ASeptember 9, 1992Provider Appeal Rights Under § 1879(e) of the Social Security Act
I-5-5-2June 21, 2005Medicare Payment for Services Rendered in a Noncertified Bed (Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility)
I-5-4-74February 18, 2021Court Cases
I-5-4-72January 6, 2018Court Cases
I-5-4-71May 20, 2014Padro et al. v. Colvin
I-5-469May 27, 2011Martinez v. Astrue
I-5-4-52 (Revised)November 18, 1996Dixon v. Shalala
I-5-4-45 (Revised)February 26, 1997Cuffee v. Shalala
I-5-4-44 (Revised)June 28, 1996Rosetti v. Shalala
I-5-440October 31, 2013Implementation of the Difford Acquiescence Ruling
I-5-4-37 (Revised)May 15, 1996Boring v. Sullivan
I-5-4-37 (Revised)August 18, 1995Boring v. Sullivan
I-5-4-37 (Revised)July 12, 1995Boring v. Sullivan
I-5-4-37December 19, 1994Boring v. Sullivan
I-5-4-36 (Revised)January 30, 1996State of New York v. Sullivan
I-5-4-34 (Revised)August 2, 1996Verla Turner v. Sullivan
I-5-4-30March 19, 1993Determining Disability for a Child Under Age 18 — Title XVI
I-5-4-29May 14, 1993Begley, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-29May 20, 1992Begley, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-25November 7, 1990Blankenship, et al. v. Secretary of Health and Human Services
I-5-4-24December 20, 1991Luna, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-23August 11, 1992Avery, et al. v. Secretary of HHS
I-5-4-23June 1, 1990Avery, et al. v. Secretary of HHS
I-5-4-21June 1, 1990McDonald, et al., v. Bowen
I-5-4-19 (Revised)October 4, 1996Prue/Weathers, et. al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-19June 29, 1994Prue/Weathers, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-19June 1, 1990Weathers et. al. v. Bowen
I-5-4-18-AJuly 9, 1993Processing Retroactive Class Member Cases in Samuels
I-5-4-18-AFebruary 15, 1991Processing Retroactive Class Member Cases in Samuels
I-5-4-18-AMay 30, 1989Processing Retroactive Class Member Cases in Samuels
I-5-4-18November 8, 1989Processing Pending Cases under Samuels
I-5-4-18August 24, 1987Samuels v. Bowen
I-5-4-17 (Revised)June 26, 1996Bailey, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-17September 28, 1992Bailey, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-16-A (Revised)November 20, 1996Wilson, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-16-AJuly 9, 1993Wilson, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-15August 6, 1992Campbell, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-13 (Revised)February 21, 1997Stieberger v. Sullivan
I-5-4-12-AJune 1, 1990Rice, et al., v. Heckler
I-5-4-11 (Revised)March 21, 1997Johnson, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-11August 6, 1992Johnson, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-8-B (Revised)November 19, 1996Smith, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-8-BJuly 31, 1992Smith, et al. v. Sullivan
I-5-4-7August 2, 1989Polaski, et. al. v. Bowen
I-5-4-4 (Revised)November 15, 2000Hyatt v. Apfel
I-5-4-4 (Revised)September 19, 1997Hyatt v. Shalala
I-5-4-4 (Revised)October 20, 1995Hyatt v. Shalala
I-5-4-4November 16, 1994Hyatt v. Shalala
I-5-4-1-AMay 20, 1992Modification of Morrison, Doe & Decker Settlement Agreement
I-5-4-1June 7, 1990Morrison, Doe & Decker v. Secretary
I-5-3-18May 1, 2017Disability Matters
I-5-3-17July 7, 2017Disability Matters
I-5-3-14-A (Revised)August 24, 2000Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
I-5-3-11September 9, 1992The Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) Early Development Notification Procedure
I-5-3-7December 7, 1988Express Written Acknowledgment of the Shifting Burden at the Last Step of the Sequential Evaluation Process
I-5-3-1-AMarch 10, 2000Continued Payment of Disability Benefits Until the Hearing Decision
I-5-122June 7, 2021General Subjects
I-5-121January 21, 2020General Subjects
I-5-120January 21, 2020General Subjects
I-5-1-19 (Revised)September 23, 2016Processing Appeals Involving the Marital Status of a Same-Sex Couple
I-5-1-19 (Revised)July 29, 2014Processing Appeals Involving Same-Sex Marriages (United States v. Windsor)
I-5-118July 22, 2016Supplemental Review
I-5-1-17-4November 7, 2016General Subjects
I-5-1-17-3March 24, 2014General Subjects
I-5-1-17-2July 3, 2007Oral (Bench) Decision Procedures
I-5-1-17May 30, 2006Oral (Bench) Decision Procedures
I-5-1-16BAugust 29, 2014Video Teleconferencing Procedures
I-5-1-16December 11, 2013General Subjects
I-5-1-15May 13, 2014Processing Cases Involving Potential Fraud, Similar Fault, and Abuse Issues
I-5-1-10July 30, 1991Limitation on the Amount Available to Reimburse Representatives for Travel to Attend Hearings Under Section 5106(c) of Pub. L. No. 101-508
I-5-1-9February 5, 1999OBRA 1990 — Representative Fee Approval Process
I-5-1-9September 9, 1992OBRA 1990 - Representative Fee Approval Process
I-5-1-9June 24, 1991OBRA 1990 - Representative Fee Approval Process
I-5-0September 2, 2005Index of Temporary Instructions
I-5-0November 1, 2000Index of Temporary Instructions
I-5-0January 5, 2000Index of Temporary Instructions
I-5-0June 30, 1993Index of Temporary Instructions
I-5-0February 28, 1992Index of Temporary Instructions
I-5-0June 21, 2005Introduction to Temporary Instructions
I-5-0December 21, 1990Introduction to Temporary Instructions