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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-5-4-21

Division 5: Temporary Instructions

Subject: McDonald, et al., v. Bowen

Action Note

Pull Interim Circulars No. 200 and 200, Supplement A. Write TI 5-421, Supplement B and TI 5-421, Supplement C respectively on the top of the first page of each instruction and file in the binder for Division 5 of HALLEX.


We previously issued these instructions as Staff Guides and Programs Digest (SGPD) Bulletins III-19(86) on September 3, 1986 and III-19(86)A on June 24, 1987. The SGPD is now obsolete and is replaced by HALLEX — the Hearings, Appeals, Litigation, and Law (LEX) manual. We are reissuing SGPD Bulletins III-19(86) and III-19(86)A as HALLEX TIs 5-421 and 5-421, Supplement A respectively.

Explanation of Content and Changes

In reissuing these instructions, we updated information to reflect current contacts and telephone numbers.


Remove SGPD Bulletin No. III-19(86) and III-19(86)A.


In the binder for TIs, insert TI 5-421 and TI 5-421, Supplement A.

Date: June 1, 1990