130.Special Request For Expedited Benefit Payment

130.1Can you ask to expedite your benefit payment if it was not received on time?

If you did not receive your Social Security benefit for a particular month, you may file a written request for prompt payment. Your request is considered filed at the end of the period if you file your request before the end of:

  1. 90 days after the date that you provided all the evidence requested to support the claim;

  2. If later, 90 days after the date on which payment is supposed to have been due; or

  3. If you received a regular monthly benefit in the prior month, 30 days after the 15th day of the month in which payment is supposed to have been due.

If you file your request under condition (A), (B), or (C) above, benefits are due and you will be paid within 15 days after the end of the period. If it appears that benefits are probably due, preliminary payment may be made without regard to these time limits, even if additional evidence is needed for a final decision.

130.2What types of benefit payments can be expedited?

Expedited payment procedures apply to disability insurance benefits and SSI benefits, which primarily involves dire needs, terminal illness, or presumptive cases meeting SSA guidelines. However, Expedited payments do not apply in cases where a check was issued and the U.S. Treasury Department records show the check was cashed. In these instances, check investigation is conducted by the U.S. Treasury Department rather than us. In both situations, the delays are reported to us.

Last Revised: Jun. 30, 2004