417.Effect of Remarriage-Father's or Mother's Insurance Benefits

417.1How does remarriage affect father's or mother's insurance benefits?

If you receive father's or mother's benefits, your remarriage will generally end your entitlement. It also prevents any future entitlement to father's or mother's benefits on the prior deceased spouse's Social Security record.

Your entitlement is not affected if you enter into a same-sex marriage or union. The Social Security Administration does not recognize the marriage for benefit purposes.

417.2Can you be entitled if the remarriage ends?

You can be entitled or re-entitled to father's or mother's or surviving divorced father's or mother's benefits if your subsequent marriage ends by death, divorce, or annulment. Entitlement or re-entitlement to father's or mother's benefits begins with the month your subsequent marriage ends.

NOTE: If your remarriage was absolutely void or was annulled from the beginning, see §1853.

Last Revised: Mar. 12, 2009