SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home418. Amount of Father's or Mother's Insurance Benefit

418.1 How is the father's or mother's insurance benefit rate computed?

The father's or mother's insurance benefit rate is equal to three-fourths (.75) of the deceased worker's primary insurance amount.

418.2 When is the benefit rate less?

You father's or mother's insurance benefit amount may be less if either of the conditions below are met:

  1. A reduction is necessary because the family maximum applies (see §§730-732); or

  2. You are also entitled to a smaller retirement or disability insurance benefit. In this case, an amount equal to the difference between the father's or mother's benefit rate and the other benefit rate is payable as the father's or mother's benefit. This is paid in addition to the other benefit.

(For the effect of simultaneous entitlement to other Social Security benefits, see §§733-737.)