503.Amount of Disabled Worker's Benefit

503.1How is the amount of your disabled worker's benefit computed?

Your disabled worker's benefit rate is generally equal to the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). For a definition of the PIA, and an explanation of how to figure the disabled worker's benefit amount and regular, reduced, and total family benefits, see Chapter 7.

503.2When is your disabled worker's benefit rate less than the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)?

Your actual disabled worker's benefit rate may be less than the Primary Insurance Amount if any of the conditions below are met:

  1. A reduction becomes necessary because you receive workers' compensation and/or a public disability benefit based on your work relationship paid under a Federal, State, or local public law or plan (see §504); or

  2. You become entitled to disabled worker's benefits after a reduced widow(er)'s or retirement insurance benefit (see §724).

Last Revised: Apr. 19, 2010