721.Recomputation of the PIA

721.1May we recompute the PIA?

We may recompute (and increase) your PIA one or more times after the first computation. We make the first computation at the time you become entitled to retirement or disability insurance benefits. You do not need to request or take any special action to have the benefit recomputed. There are two types of recomputations: automatic and railroad.

721.2What is an automatic recomputation?

The automatic recomputation (see §722) gives you credit for any substantial additional covered earnings in the year you first became entitled to benefits or in a later year. A recomputation to include a particular year's earnings is effective in January following the year in which the earnings were paid. For example, a benefit increase resulting from an automatic recomputation to include 1992 earnings will first be paid for January 1993.

721.3What is a railroad recomputation?

The railroad recomputation increases survivor benefits by including railroad earnings not permitted for use in figuring the Social Security benefit(s) when the worker was alive.

Last Revised: Aug. 8, 2011