909.What types of work are considered “agricultural labor”?

“Agricultural labor” is work performed with the operation, management, conservation, improvement, or maintenance of a farm and its tools and equipment. Salvaging timber or clearing land of brush and other debris left by a hurricane is also agricultural labor. The following conditions are required for work to be considered agricultural labor:

  1. You must work in the employ of the owner, tenant, or other operator of the farm; and

  2. The major part of your work is done on the farm.

Note: Work done in the wholesaling or retailing of raw or unmanufactured farm products (including displaying, actual selling, collecting, and depositing of sales receipts and the clerical and other work in connection with the selling of the products) is agricultural labor if the farm operator raised over one-half of the products sold, and the major part of the work is done on a farm.