Chapter 9Special Coverage Provisions

Table of Contents
900. Does Social Security cover most types of work?
901. Is agricultural labor covered by Social Security?
902. How is the cash-pay test applied?
903. What is a farm?
904. What types of farm work are considered agricultural labor?
905. What are “agricultural and horticultural commodities”?
906. What types of work include cultivating, raising, and harvesting?
907. What types of work are not considered “raising”?
908. What types of work are considered “harvesting”?
909. What types of work are considered “agricultural labor”?
910. Is work performed in crude gum production covered by Social Security?
911. Is work performed in connection with cotton ginning covered by Social Security?
912. Work In Connection With Waterways, Ditches, Etc.
913. Processing or Packaging of Agricultural Commodities
914. Are services performed by foreign agricultural workers in the U.S. covered by Social Security?
915. Domestic Service in Private Home of Employer
916. Domestic Service Defined
917. Private Home Defined
918. Special Provision for Reporting Wages Paid to Domestics
919. Is domestic service performed by a student for a college club, fraternity, or sorority covered by Social Security?
920. Local College Club Defined
921. Service Performed by a Student For a School, College, or University
922. Is work performed by a student nurse covered by Social Security?
923. Is work performed as an intern for a hospital covered by Social Security?
924. Employment Not In The Course Of The Employer's Trade Or Business
925. Work Not in the Course of the Employer's Trade or Business -- Defined
926. What types of family employment are not covered by Social Security?
927. Is domestic work performed by a parent for a son or daughter covered by Social Security?
928. What are the types of family employment covered by Social Security?
929. Delivering or Distributing Newspapers
930. Are services performed by vendors of newspapers and magazines covered by Social Security?
931. Work for Nonprofit Religious, Charitable, Educational, etc. Institutions
932. Ministers and Members of Religious Orders
933. How is work that is not in the exercise of the ministry treated for Social Security purposes?
934. What is an "ordained", "commissioned", or "licensed" minister?
935. What does "exercise of the ministry" mean?
936. Are services performed by crews on fishing boats covered by Social Security?
937. Employment for a Foreign Government, International Organization, or Instrumentality of a Foreign Government
938. Is work performed by U.S. citizens working in the U.S. as employees of foreign governments covered by Social Security?
939. Foreign Students, Exchange Visitors and International Cultural Exchange Visitors
940. Employment as Civilian for the U.S. Government
941. Are services performed by employees for the District of Columbia covered by Social Security?
942. Are services performed under Federally sponsored economic and human development programs covered by Social Security?
943. Is work as a volunteer or volunteer leader in the Peace Corps covered by Social Security?
944. Are services performed by Job Corps enrollees covered by Social Security?
945. Is work performed for community service programs for older Americans covered by Social Security?
946. Are services performed by students enrolled in a work-study program covered by Social Security?
947. Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Program
948. Member of the U.S. Uniformed Service
949. Definition of Member of a Uniformed Service
950. What does “active duty” mean?
951. What does "active duty for training" mean?
952. How are the amount of wages and the period of military service determined?
953. Deemed Wage Credits After 1956
954. Noncontributory Wage Credits Based on Military Service Before 1957
955. Definition of Military or Naval Service of the U.S.
956. Effect of Discharge Under Dishonorable Conditions
957. Are noncontributory wage credits granted for military service with a foreign country?
958. Are officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or the Public Health Service considered members of the Armed Forces?
959. Under what circumstances are veterans NOT eligible for noncontributory wage credits?
960. When is a deceased World War II veteran fully insured for Social Security Purposes?
961. Employment Outside The U.S.
962. Who can be considered an American employer?
963. Is work by a U.S. citizen for foreign affiliates outside the U.S. covered by Social Security?
964. What is a “foreign affiliate”?
965. Agreement to Cover Foreign Affiliates
966. Is work performed for private employers of Guam and American Samoa covered by Social Security?
967. Is work covered by the Railroad Retirement Act covered by Social Security?
968. The Included-Excluded Rule
969. When does the included-excluded rule NOT apply?
970. How do international Social Security agreements affect coverage?
971. Are services performed by employees of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) covered by Social Security?