924.Employment Not In The Course Of The Employer's Trade Or Business

924.1Is non-business work covered by Social Security?

Work done that is not in the course of your employer's trade or business (non-business work) may be covered by Social Security. Only cash pay (as defined in §1303) for this type of work may be counted for Social Security purposes. Also, you must be paid at least $100 in a calendar year to be considered for coverage.

924.2How is the cash-pay test applied if work is done for more than one employer?

If you do non-business work for more than one employer, then apply the cash-pay test individually to the cash pay from each of your employers.

924.3Is non-business work on a farm covered by Social Security?

Non-business work on a farm operated for profit is considered agricultural labor. You must meet the agricultural labor cash-pay test set out in §901 before your cash wages can be counted for Social Security purposes.

Last Revised: Jun. 30, 2004