SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home941. Are services performed by employees for the District of Columbia covered by Social Security?

If you work for the District of Columbia and its wholly owned instrumentalities, including work as a substitute teacher in the District school system, your services are covered by Social Security beginning October 1, 1965, unless:

  1. Your work is covered by a retirement system established by a law of the U.S.; or

  2. Your services are specifically excluded by some provision of the law; or

  3. You are performing services as any of the following:

    1. A patient or inmate of a District of Columbia hospital or penal institution;

    2. A student employee of a District of Columbia hospital (including a student nurse, dietitian, and physical or occupational therapist but, not a medical or dental intern or resident in training);

    3. An employee serving on a temporary basis in case of fire, storm, snow, earthquake, flood, or other similar emergencies; or

    4. A member of a board, committee or council of the District of Columbia paid on a per diem, meeting, or other fee basis.

Last Revised: Jun. 30, 2004