1228.Periodic Inspection of Production Activities

1228.1What is included in periodic inspection?

Periodic inspection of production activities counts toward material participation if it is conducted to promote production. To be counted, inspection of production activities must be for the purpose of seeing whether:

  1. The farm work is being done properly;

  2. Whether anything else needs to be done; or

  3. When the work should be done.

Mere inspection to determine the condition of the buildings, fences or other improvements does not count.

1228.2When are periodic inspections conducted?

The nature and size of the farming activities determine how often inspections need to be done. Making inspections during the soil preparation, planting, cultivating, and harvesting seasons count even if there is no inspection activity during some of the growing season. By itself, inspecting the farming activities, regardless of how often it is done, is not enough. However, regular and frequent inspections of the production activities, combined with other things showing participation, may be enough.