1419.Earnings Information Available from Social Security Records

1419.1How can you obtain more detailed information on coverage?

You may complete Form SSA-7050-F3 (Request for Social Security Earnings Information) to obtain detailed earnings information.

1419.2Is there a cost to obtain the information?

No, if you need the information in connection with Social Security. For example, you may need earnings information to verify an employer's earnings report or to compute your amount of Social Security taxes.

Yes, charges are made if more detailed earnings information than that shown on the SSA-7005 is required for other than Social Security purposes. Charges are also made if certification by the custodian of the record is needed. Examples would be for the requestor's use in planning private pensions or civil litigation.

1419.3How are charges calculated?

Charges are determined according to the fee provisions of section 1106(c) of the Social Security Act.

Last Revised: Aug. 8, 2011