1817.How do you request an extension of time for filing your annual report?

If you believe that you have a valid reason for an extension, file a request with a Social Security office before your annual report is due. The request must be in writing and must:

  1. Clearly identify you (or the beneficiary, if you are filing on his or her behalf) by name and claim number;

  2. Establish the year that your annual report is due;

  3. State the reason you need the extension;

  4. State the amount of additional time you need;

  5. Show the date you are making the request;

  6. Be signed by you (or the person requesting the extension on your behalf); and

  7. If you are making the request on behalf of a beneficiary, show the beneficiary's authorization or include a statement by you giving the basis for your authority.

Note: For reports due on or after April 15, 1997, we consider all adjustments based on posted earnings to be based on a timely filed report. (See Section §1814.) However, beneficiaries requesting an extension of time for filing a self-employment tax return with IRS should also request an extension of time for filing the annual report with us.