Chapter 18Reduction or Nonpayment of Social Security Benefits

Table of Contents
1800. Are there conditions where your benefits are not payable?
1801. The Earnings Test
1802. Excess Earnings - Defined
1803. Annual Exempt Amounts
1804. How Excess Earnings are Charged Against Benefits
1805. When are you NOT charged for excess earnings?
1806. Payment of Partial Benefit
1807. Grace Year and Non-Service Month Defined
1808. Exempt Amounts for Short Taxable Years
1809. Total Earnings for Earnings Test Purposes
1810. When are wages and net earnings from self-employment counted?
1811. What types of income count under the earnings test?
1812. What types of income do NOT count under the earnings test?
1813. Does the recipient of income determine whether the earnings count under the earnings test?
1814. Annual Report of Earnings
1815. When is the annual report of earnings due?
1816. Extension of Time for Filing Annual Report of Earnings
1817. How do you request an extension of time for filing your annual report?
1818. The Annual Report Form
1819. Delay in Filing Annual Report
1820. Number of Additional Benefits Lost for Failure to Report on Time
1821. Are benefits of those entitled to benefits on your earnings record affected when you do not file your annual report on time?
1822. Report of Expected Earnings Also Required
1823. The Foreign Work Test
1824. What is considered work “outside of the U.S.”?
1825. Non-Covered Work for Pay Defined
1826. Determining Number of Hours a Retirement Beneficiary Works Per Month
1827. Do you need to report your work activity performed outside the U.S.?
1828. What is the penalty for your failure to report foreign work?
1829. Child in Care Requirement
1831. Reporting Failure to Have a Child in Care
1832. Do we still impose a penalty if you have good cause for your failure to report to us?
1833. Good Cause Defined
1835. Does the receipt of periodic workers' compensation payments or public disability benefits affect your benefits?
1836. Receipt of a Governmental Pension
1837. Conviction for Subversive Activities
1838. What earnings are disregarded when a convicted person makes a claim for benefits?
1839. Penalty Applies to Convicted Person Only
1840. How does a pardon for a previous conviction affect your benefits?
1841. Deportation or Removal of Retirement or Disability Insurance Beneficiary
1842. Effect of Deportation or Removal on Auxiliary or Survivor Benefits
1843. Aliens Outside the U.S. for Six Months or More
1844. Absence from the U.S.
1845. Exceptions to Alien Nonpayment Provision
1846. Limitations on Use of Certain Exceptions
1847. Residence in a Restricted Country
1848. What are the restricted countries?
1849. When can you receive benefits you earned while you lived in a restricted country?
1850. Confinement in a Correctional Institution
1851. What events end benefits?
1852. How does the marriage of one beneficiary to another affect benefits?
1853. Reinstatement of Benefits When Marriage Terminates
1854. Certain Outstanding Warrants