1842.Effect of Deportation or Removal on Auxiliary or Survivor Benefits

1842.1How does your deportation or removal affect benefits of others entitled on your earnings record?

Generally, others who are receiving benefits on your earnings record can continue to receive those benefits if you are deported or removed. However, if they are aliens, they cannot receive benefits on your record for any month they are outside the U.S. for any part of the month, regardless of how short the stay. If a person entitled to benefits on your earnings records is deported or removed (but you are not), the benefit that person receives on your record continues.

1842.2Is the lump-sum death payment affected by deportation or removal?

The lump-sum death payment cannot be paid on the earnings record of a worker who dies in or after the month we receive notice of deportation or removal. However, nonpayment does not apply if the worker was lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence after deportation or removal but before death.

Last Revised: May 10, 2004