Baby-sitter, SSR 61-27

Baby-sitter, employer-employee relationship, SSR 73-46c

Back pay under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, SSR 80-30a, SSR 83-07

Beneficiary, institutionalized, ability to handle own affairs, SSR 73-29


application, SSR 62-19
claims of creditors, institutionalized beneficiary, SSR 68-18
date of birth revised more than 4 years after initial determination, SSR 82-45a
deportation, effect, SSR 75-27a
disability standards for children, SSR 91-07c
entitlement, effect of a second adoption, SSR 91-06
exceptions to sending advance notice concerning representative payment of benefits, SSR 85-14
felonious homicide of wage earner, SSR 60-06, SSR 65-25
levy and garnishment for alimony and child support payments, SSR 79-04
levy or seizure for collection of delinquent Federal taxes, SSR 79-04
modification of initial month of entitlement, SSR 69-19
nonpayment of benefits because of deportation, SSR 87-12c
pardon, Presidential, effect on benefits, SSR 78-07
payment to an eligible couple, eligible individual and eligible spouse separate, SSI, SSR 88-11c
precluded, homicide conviction, SSR 75-25c
reissued title II when payee changes, SSR 78-05
selection of person to receive payments, SSR 62-46
simultaneous entitlement to more than one type, SSR 64-16, SSR 69-13, SSR 69-05
subject to garnishment for child support or alimony, unearned income, SSR 82-38
waiting period, disability, SSR 83-04c
waiver of civil service annuity, SSR 62-52
withdrawal of application, SSR 64-33c, SSR 65-17, SSR 67-36c, SSR 69-24
workmen's compensation reduction, SSR 69-24, SSR 70-45c

Birth date, probative value of documents, SSR 72-19c, SSR 72-02c

Birth date revised more than 4 years after initial determination, work deductions, SSR 82-45a

Black lung benefits:

accidental death of miner, establishment of widow's entitlement, SSR 73-36, SSR 75-12c, SSR 76-36c
application, protective writing, SSR 72-08
chest roentgenographic (X-ray) evidence, SSR 75-05
close corporation owner, SSR 76-25a
coal miner defined, SSR 75-11
coke yard employment, SSR 76-37c
combination of impairments, SSR 76-05c
death of miner, workmen's compensation payment, reduction inapplicable, SSR 72-66, SSR 72-65, SSR 72-41
entitlement for sibling, SSR 74-33, SSR 77-19c, SSR 77-07c
fixing the amount of attorney fees, SSR 80-20c
"maintenance of effort" provision, SSR 75-10
mine employee prerequisite for eligibility, SSR 76-24c
monthly payment period, SSR 71-30
parent's dependency, SSR 76-38c
pneumoconiosis, self-employed miner, SSR 73-24
pneumoconiosis, total disability -- denial, SSR 79-33
pneumoconiosis, total disability -- entitlement, SSR 79-34
presumption of total disability, entitlement of survivors, SSR 77-06c
requirements for entitlement, SSR 74-32
self-employed miner, SSR 73-24
total disability -- denial, SSR 79-33
total disability -- entitlement, SSR 79-34
untimely request for hearing, dismissal of judicial review, SSR 77-08c
widow's remarriage annulled, SSR 76-15

Blindness, disability insured status, prison work exclusion, SSR 73-47c

Blood grouping tests, presumption of legitimacy of child, SSR 72-25

Bona fides of:

earnings, SSR 62-08
employment, SSR 63-42c, SSR 66-31c, SSR 78-28c
family corporation, SSR 69-37c
transfer of business, SSR 64-38c, SSR 65-41c, SSR 65-23c, SSR 66-18c

Bonus payment, SSR 60-26

Burial expenses, prepaid, income resource under SSI, SSR 76-09

Business relocation payments, net earnings from self-employment, SSR 72-59

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