Garnishment for alimony and child support payments, SSR 79-04, SSR 82-38

Gift of an airline ticket, definition of income, SSI, SSR 80-22

Good cause:

disbarred attorney as representative of claimant, SSR 74-29
error on face of evidence, computing time period for reopening determination, SSR 61-60
excess payment, penalty deduction under section 1631(e)(2), SSI, SSR 82-69
failure to file timely report of earnings, SSR 73-43
incomplete information, intent, application deemed filed, SSR 61-55
mental incapacity and good cause for missing the deadline to request review, SSR 91-05p
missing the deadline to request administrative review, SSR 95-1p
new and material evidence, SSR 65-51, SSR 67-22, SSR 68-12a
physical and mental infirmity, SSR 63-16
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, SSR 61-40
time limitation for filing request for hearing, SSR 68-08

Government pension offset, SSR 82-15a, SSR 84-14c, SSR 84-20a, SSR 85-01, SSR 89-01c

Governmental pension system, SSR 67-28, SSR 68-13, SSR 70-23c

Grandchild, SSR 78-27

Grandchild, dependency requirements, SSR 74-16

Grandchild or stepgrandchild, SSR 73-41

Gratuitous wage credits, exclusion of Philippine army service, SSR 74-26c

Grazing fees, unearned income, SSR 82-27a

Gross vs. net earnings, determination of substantial gainful activity of employees, SSR 83-33

Guam, as place of hearing for appeal, SSR 77-03c

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