Identification of employer, domestic service, SSR 62-29, SSR 67-41a, SSR 72-57

Illegal activity as substantial gainful activity, SSI, SSR 94-01c

Illegitimate child:

child's insurance benefits, eligibility, SSR 77-02c, SSR 77-31
regular and substantial support test, AR 86-23(9), AR 86-22(4), AR 86-21(2), AR 86-15(6), AR 86-14(4), AR 86-13(3)
unacknowledged by worker, intestate succession, AR 86-17(9), AR 96-1(6)

Illegitimate children deemed dependent, inheritance of intestate property from the insured parent, SSR 79-35

Illegitimate children under Maryland inheritance law prior to January 1970, status, SSR 80-13

Incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information, consequences of reapplying for benefits in lieu of seeking review of determination, SSR 95-1p

In her care, child over age 18, SSR 63-01

In her care, incompetent child, SSR 64-03

"In loco parentis," SSR 65-40

Inability to perform previous work, SSR 82-36c, SSR 82-35c, SSR 82-34c, AR 93-01(4)

Inapplicability of waiver provisions, recovery of erroneous payments made after death, SSR 85-09c

Income and resources, deeming of, from an alien's sponsor, SSR 82-37


deeming, SSI, SSR 81-21, SSR 82-25c, SSR 82-28a, SSR 84-4c, SSR 85-27c
definition, SSI, SSR 81-22, SSR 90-4a
inheritances, when they become, SSI, SSR 97-1p


legal guardian income, SSR 61-62
use of benefit for support of relative, SSR 68-33, SSR 68-32
validity of marriage, SSR 84-07c

Independent contractor, SSR 63-52c, SSR 72-34, SSR 73-54

Indiana employees of political entity, SSR 65-57, SSR 67-12

Indiana, jail cooks of Allen and Vigo Counties, SSR 65-57, SSR 73-17c

Ineligible child, definition, SSR 82-28a

Information, meaning in relation to earnings, SSR 84-17

Inheritance, child's rights, SSR 63-28, SSR 66-02, SSR 68-73, SSR 69-03, SSR 70-22, SSR 71-41

Inheritance of intestate property from the insured parent, deemed illegitimate dependent children, SSR 79-35

Inheritance rights from natural father, SSR 73-27

Inheritance statute, effect, Wisconsin, SSR 85-17

Inheritances, when they become income, SSI, SSR 97-1p

Initial determination, SSR 71-02c, SSR 78-32

Initial determination, notice language, effect on administrative finality, AR 92-07(9)

In-kind income, evaluation of a rental subsidy for SSI benefit calculation purposes, AR 90-02(2)

In-kind payments, agricultural labor, SSR 95-3p

In-kind support and maintenance, SSI, SSR 81-24

Inmate of a public institution, AR 88-06(8)

Insanity, validity of annulment of divorce, SSR 65-56

Institutionalized beneficiary, ability to handle own affairs, SSR 73-29

Institutionalized beneficiary, use of benefits, SSR 61-23, SSR 64-23, SSR 66-42, SSR 66-20, SSR 68-18, SSR 70-32

Institutionalized claimant, SSI, SSR 76-07, SSR 77-20, SSR 77-10

Insured status:

assignment of quarters of coverage in the year of death, constitutionality, SSR 83-24c
constitutionality of, SSR 78-22c
constructive payment of wages, SSR 73-42, SSR 73-20
coverage of work for U.S. instrumentalities, employees of national banks, SSR 82-21a
Federal civilian overtime payments, SSR 76-03c
lacking the requisite number of quarters of coverage, SSR 87-18c
military service wage credits, use of, SSR 70-13, SSR 79-15c
quarters of coverage, alternative method for determining, 1937-1950, SSR 70-01
quarters of coverage, domestic service, SSR 72-57, SSR 73-31
time first acquired, SSR 65-44

Insured status -- disability:

blindness, constitutionality of prison work exclusion, SSR 73-47c
continued employment after expiration, SSR 72-45c
crediting of railroad service, SSR 70-20c
expiration, SSR 68-64c, SSR 69-38c
expiration subsequent to onset of disability, SSR 74-08c
special age 21 to 31 provision, SSR 69-30, SSR 72-45c
use of military service wage credits, SSR 65-12

Interest income from contracts of sale of realty, net earnings from

self-employment, SSR 73-15

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970, employer identity, SSR 72-33

Interlocutory decree of adoption, effective date, SSR 61-18

Intermarriage of parents, legitmation of child, SSR 61-64, SSR 62-53

International Social Security ("totalization") agreements, SSR 81-08

Interracial marriage, anti-miscegenation statute, SSR 67-56

Interrelationship with railroad retirement system, SSR 61-25, SSR 62-14, SSR 67-08

Intestate succession, child unacknowledged by worker, child's benefits, AR 86-17(9), AR 96-1(6)

Investment of conserved benefits, SSR 61-23

Iran, homicide conviction, preclusion of benefits, SSR 75-25c

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