Legal representative of estate, SSR 68-72, SSR 68-31, SSR 70-30, SSR 70-09, SSR 70-04

Legitimacy of child:

acknowledgment in writing, SSR 72-32
"acknowledgment in writing" (Federal law), SSR 66-47
acknowledgment of child under State law, SSR 68-49, SSR 73-02
born during wedlock, disavowal of paternity, Louisiana, SSR 89-08c
contributions toward support, SSR 67-60
court decree of paternity, SSR 69-56
court order to contribute, SSR 67-59
disavowal of paternity of child, SSR 69-15, SSR 84-03
divorce, validity of, SSR 72-11
effect of State court order of paternity on Secretary's determination, SSR 67-32c
effect of State court's determination of legitimacy in contested divorce case, SSR 83-37c
family maximum benefits, constitutionality, SSR 73-53c
inheritance from father, written acknowledgment, South Dakota, SSR 89-09c
inheritance rights under State law, SSR 66-11, SSR 69-03
intermarriage of parents, SSR 61-64, SSR 62-53
legitimation, 1965 amendments, SSR 69-21a
legitimation by State law, SSR 65-36c, SSR 66-43, SSR 68-73
living with or support, SSR 68-29, SSR 68-22, AR 94-01(10)
oral acknowledgment of paternity, SSR 84-15
paternity denied, sterility of alleged father, SSR 73-52c
presumption, SSR 62-35, SSR 67-11, SSR 77-24
presumption, blood grouping tests, SSR 72-25
presumption, child born after death of worker, SSR 73-28
presumptions and proof, South Carolina, SSR 81-10c
prospective effect of inheritance statute, Wisconsin, SSR 85-17
"voluntary recognition" of child under State law, SSR 66-46, SSR 68-54, SSR 68-21

Levy of benefits prohibited, SSR 73-22c

Levy or seizure for collection of deliquent Federal taxes, SSR 79-04

Liability, determination, recovery of overpayment, SSR 86-19

Liability of representative payee, SSR 65-54, SSR 65-53

Life insurance agent beneficiary, renewal commissions, SSR 71-22

Living in same household, SSR 64-05, SSR 65-37, SSR 66-16c, SSR 69-27a, SSR 79-24, SSR 81-04c

Loan policy, applicability to advances of food and/or shelter, SSI, SSR 92-08p

Longshoremen's and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act, offset provisions, SSR 71-34c

Loss of speech, SSR 82-57

Lump-sum death payment:

determining entitlement, worker died after August 1981, SSR 85-24a
good cause for extension of filing period, SSR 61-55
living in same household, SSR 64-05, SSR 66-16c, SSR 79-24
recomputation of deceased worker's primary insurance amount, SSR 62-66

Lump-sum payment of workmen's compensation benefits paid into an irrevocable trust, SSR 81-20

Lump-sum settlement of workmen's compensation payments, SSR 71-45c, SSR 71-34c, SSR 71-15a, SSR 87-20c

Lump-sum settlements under Iowa law, reduced benefits, workmen's compensation, SSR 81-33

Lump-sum settlements under Maine law, prorated, workers' compensation, SSR 87-21c

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