Tax sale certificates, interest income, net earnings from self-employment, SSR 72-48

Taxes, FICA, status of service performed by "commuter" alien workers, SSR 86-11c

Taxes on the claimant's home, check from relative, SSI, SSR 81-22

Tenants-in-common as partners, SSR 61-29

Tennessee, interest assessment for failure to timely pay contributions, SSR 74-30

Termination of benefits:

adoption of child, SSR 69-03
child's attainment of age 18, SSR 63-15
child's reentitlement on same earnings record, SSR 67-33
death, date, SSR 72-01c
deportation, constitutionality of section 202(n) of the Social Security Act, SSCD 60-1
disabled child's marriage to nonbeneficiary, SSR 78-10c
disability, cessation of, SSR 64-32, SSR 65-62
disability, prior to hearing, SSR 76-23c
excess income, SSI, SSR 95-4c
reentitlement after void remarriage, SSR 63-02
remarriage, SSR 66-04
SSI, when recipient on "diary system" is enrolled in vocational rehabilitation program, AR 86-05(9), AR 86-04(3)
stepchild, SSR 73-26c
voidable marriage contracted in Texas, effect of annulment granted in Arizona, SSR 83-44c

Termination of common-law marriage, reentitlement to mother's benefits, SSR 73-03c

Time limitation:

application for lump-sum death payment, SSR 61-55
application, old-age insurance benefits, first month of entitlement, SSR 83-42a
computation of period for reopening determination, SSR 61-60
disabled widow's benefits, eligibility period, SSR 74-14c
earnings record correction, SSR 72-55c, SSR 72-54c, SSR 72-30, SSR 73-15, SSR 73-06c, SSR 76-32c, SSR 78-20c, SSR 82-20c, SSR 84-02c
exclusion of family employment, SSR 74-03a
failure to pay contributions, interest assessment, SSR 73-56, SSR 73-55
proofs, filing of, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c
request for hearing, SSR 65-26c, SSR 68-08, SSR 73-45c, SSR 77-08c
revision of earnings record, SSR 62-28, SSR 65-42c, SSR 66-30, SSR 66-08
rules for administrative finality, SSR 68-12a
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, SSR 61-40
uniform time limits for an oral or written inquiry, establishing the filing date of a SSI claim based on an oral inquiry, SSR 80-17
withdrawal limitation removed, SSR 65-17

Trade or business:

administrator or executor, SSR 60-27, SSR 61-43, SSR 63-46
applicability of lawsuit costs as a business expense, SSR 83-25c
baby-sitter, SSR 61-27
corporate officer, extent and value of services, earnings, SSR 82-16
elements for determining, SSR 64-40
family care home, SSR 67-24
farm operator, SSR 67-42, SSR 67-07
gross income from agricultural enterprise, nonproduction payment, SSR 72-47
husband and wife partnership, SSR 62-17, SSR 84-11
investment with limited partner of partnership, SSR 72-24
lending money, SSR 64-10
management of trust estate, SSR 65-10
notary public in Puerto Rico, SSR 62-51
practical nurse, SSR 62-30
real estate salesmen, SSR 62-31
rental of equipment, SSR 61-45
sale of business, SSR 63-36c
sales of lots, SSR 64-09
sales representative, work reductions, SSR 82-02
self-employment, burden of proof, corroborative evidence, SSR 86-04c
self-employment, coverage of ministerial services performed outside the United States, SSR 83-41c
self-employment income, consulting services, SSR 89-04c
services to tenant, net earnings from self-employment, SSR 78-01c
work deductions, consulting services, SSR 82-17c
writing activity, SSR 67-52

Transfer of business, bona fides of, SSR 64-38c, SSR 65-41c, SSR 65-23c, SSR 66-18c

Transfer of position (State's Attorneys) from covered to noncovered retirement system, SSR 74-05

Travel expenses, SSR 63-18

Travel expense status, work deductions, SSR 74-28, SSR 87-03c

Trial work period (disability), SSR 65-62, SSR 69-46, SSR 70-56c, AR 92-06(10)

Trial work period, increase in the amount of earnings used in determining when work activity is excluded as "services," SSR 79-38

Trust estate, management of, SSR 65-10

Trust or escrow accounts used in collection of attorney fees, SSR 82-39

Trust or estate funds, overpayment, minor heir, SSR 87-08

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, alien nonpayment provisions, SSR 74-19

24-month time limit provisions for adoptions by retired workers, SSR 67-03

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