disposition, legal representative, SSR 68-72, SSR 68-31, SSR 70-30, SSR 70-09, SSR 70-04
disposition, stepchildren, SSR 70-03
disposition, SSI, SSR 80-34c
small estate statute, Arizona, SSR 70-30
small estate statute, Indiana, SSR 70-09
SSI, recipient died in nursing home, SSR 76-10

Unearned income:

based on need, VA pension, SSI, SSR 78-04
benefits subject to garnishment for child support or alimony, SSR 82-38
grazing fees, SSR 82-27a
in-kind support and maintenance, SSI, SSR 81-24
reduction of benefits due to receipt of a rental subsidy, constitutionality, SSR 82-09c
SSI, SSR 82-23, SSR 87-22a, SSR 90-04a
State assistance based on need partly financed by Federal funds, SSR 81-14
support and maintenance, SSI, SSR 81-23c
United States Postal Service, Federal employment, SSR 72-46

Use of benefits:

conservation, SSR 61-23
institutionalized beneficiary, SSR 64-23, SSR 66-42, SSR 66-20
limitation on expenditure, SSR 68-18
prepaid burial plan, SSR 70-41
support of legally dependent spouse, Alabama, SSR 89-10
support of relative, SSR 65-54, SSR 65-53, SSR 68-60, SSR 68-59, SSR 68-33, SSR 68-32, SSR 70-32

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