Vacation pay, SSR 62-10


correction of service records, SSR 62-13
dishonorable discharge, Presidential pardon, SSR 68-11
other Federal benefit, SSR 60-16, SSR 61-49, SSR 63-29, SSR 64-64, SSR 65-12, SSR 70-13
pension as unearned income based on need, SSI, SSR 78-04
service for foreign country, SSR 64-12
treatment of Veterans Administration payments to SSI fiduciaries, SSR 94-05p

Veterans Administration hospitals, work by patients, SSR 64-15

Vocational expert and vocational specialist evidence, and other reliable occupational information in disability decisions, SSR 00-4p

Vocational expert or other vocational specialist, use in determining whether a claimant can perform past relevant work, AR 90-03(4)

Vocational factors regulations:

age criterion, SSR 82-46c
disability, constitutionality, SSR 83-47c
epilepsy, role of prescribed treatment, SSR 87-06
establishment of onset date of disability, SSR 83-20
evaluating a combination of exertional and nonexertional impairments, SSR 83-14
evaluating solely nonexertional impairments, SSR 85-15
evaluation of mental impairments, SSR 85-16
inability to perform previous work, SSR 83-46c
medical-vocational guidelines, conclusiveness of rules, SSR 83-05a
whether disability vocational rules are applicable to individuals who are illiterate and unable to communicate in English, AR 86-03(5)
work skills and their transferability, SSR 82-41

Vocational relevance of the past work performed in a foreign country, SSR 82-40

Vocational rehabilitation, Missouri, State and local coverage, SSR 77-05

Vocational rehabilitation, refusal to accept, SSR 64-13, SSR 78-24

Vow-of-poverty deductions, members of religious orders, SSR 74-18

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