Sec423[42 U.S.C. 623] (a) In General.—The sum appropriated pursuant to section 425 for each fiscal year shall be allotted by the Secretary for use by cooperating State public welfare agencies which have plans developed jointly by the State agency and the Secretary as follows: The Secretary shall first allot $70,000 to each State, and shall then allot to each State an amount which bears the same ratio to the remainder of such sum as the product of (1) the population of the State under the age of twenty-one and (2) the allotment percentage of the State (as determined under this section) bears to the sum of the corresponding products of all the States.

(b)[94] Determination of State Allotment Percentages.—The “allotment percentage” for any State shall be 100 percent less the State percentage; and the State percentage shall be the percentage which bears the same ratio to 50 percent as the per capita income of such State bears to the per capita income of the United States; except that (1) the allotment percentage shall in no case be less than 30 percent or more than 70 percent, and (2) the allotment percentage shall be 70 percent in the case of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.

(c) Promulgation of State Allotment Percentages.—The allotment percentage for each State shall be promulgated by the Secretary between October 1 and November 30 of each even-numbered year, on the basis of the average per capita income of each State and of the United States for the three most recent calendar years for which satisfactory data are available from the Department of Commerce. Such promulgation shall be conclusive for each of the two fiscal years in the period beginning October 1 next succeeding such promulgation.

(d) United States Defined.—For purposes of this section, the term “United States” means the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

(e) Reallottment of Funds.—

(1) In general.—The amount of any allotment to a State for a fiscal year under the preceding provisions of this section which the State certifies to the Secretary will not be required for carrying out the State plan developed as provided in section 422 shall be available for reallotment from time to time, on such dates as the Secretary may fix, to other States which the Secretary determines—

(A) need sums in excess of the amounts allotted to such other States under the preceding provisions of this section, in carrying out their State plans so developed; and

(B) will be able to so use such excess sums during the fiscal year.

(2) In general.—The Secretary shall make the reallotments on the basis of the State plans so developed, after taking into consideration—

(A) the population under 21 years of age;

(B) the per capita income of each of such other States as compared with the population under 21 years of age; and

(C) the per capita income of all such other States with respect to which such a determination by the Secretary has been made.

(3) Amounts reallotted to a state deemed a part of state allotment.—Any amount so reallotted to a State is deemed part of the allotment of the State under this section.

[94]  P.L. 112-34, §101(d), which directed the substitution of "percent" for "per centum" wherever appearing, was not executed due to prior amendment by P.L. 109-288, §11(a)(1)(A). which struck out “per centum” and substituted “percent” each place it appeared in this subsection (b).