Sec. 401. Purpose

Sec. 402. Eligible States; State plan

Sec. 403. Grants to States

Sec. 404. Use of grants

Sec. 405. Administrative provisions

Sec. 406. Federal loans for State welfare programs

Sec. 407. Mandatory work requirements

Sec. 408. Prohibitions; Requirements

Sec. 409. Penalties

Sec. 410. Appeal of adverse decision

Sec. 411. Data collection and reporting

Sec. 411A. State required to provide certain information

Sec. 412. Direct funding and administration by Indian tribes

Sec. 413. Research, evaluations, and national studies

Sec. 415. Waivers

Sec. 416. Administration

Sec. 417. Limitation on Federal authority

Sec. 418. Funding for child care

Sec. 419. Definitions


Subpart 1—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Program

[Sec. 420. Repealed.]

Sec. 421. Purpose

Sec. 422. State plans for child welfare services

Sec. 423. Allotments to States

Sec. 424. Payment to States

Sec. 425. Limitations on authorization of appropriations

Sec. 426. Research, training, or demonstration projects

Sec. 427. Family connection grants

Sec. 428. Payments to Indian tribal organizations

Sec. 429. National random sample study of child welfare

Subpart 2—Promoting Safe and Stable Families

Sec. 430. Findings and Purpose

Sec. 431. Definitions

Sec. 432. State plans

Sec. 433. Allotments to States

Sec. 434. Payments to States

Sec. 435. Evaluations; Research; Technical Assistance

Sec. 436. Authorization of appropriations; Reservation of certain amounts

Sec. 437. Discretionary and Targeted Grants

Sec. 438. Entitlement funding for State courts to assess and improve handling of proceedings relating to foster care and adoption

Sec. 439. Grants for programs for mentoring children of prisoners

Subpart 3—Common Provisions

Sec. 440. Data standardization for improved data matching

[Part C—Repealed.]

Part D—Child Support and Establishment of Paternity

Sec. 451. Appropriation

Sec. 452. Duties of the Secretary

Sec. 453. Federal parent locator service

Sec. 453A. State directory of new hires

Sec. 454. State plan for child and spousal support

Sec. 454A. Automated data processing

Sec. 454B. Collection and disbursement of support payments

Sec. 455. Payments to States

Sec. 456. Support obligations

Sec. 457. Distribution of collected support

Sec. 458. Incentive payments to States

Sec. 459. Consent by the United States to income withholding, garnishment, and similar proceedings for enforcement of child support and alimony obligations

Sec. 459A. International support enforcement

Sec. 460. Civil actions to enforce support obligations

[Sec. 461. Repealed.]

[Sec. 462. Repealed.]

Sec. 463. Use of Federal Parent Locator Service in connection with the enforcement or determination of child custody and in cases of parental kidnaping of a child

Sec. 464. Collection of past-due support from Federal tax refunds

Sec. 465. Allotments from pay for child and spousal support owed by members of the uniformed services on active duty

Sec. 466. Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve effectiveness of child support enforcement

Sec. 467. State guidelines for child support awards

Sec. 468. Encouragement of States to adopt simple civil process for voluntarily acknowledging paternity and a civil procedure for establishing paternity in contested cases

Sec. 469. Collection and reporting of child support enforcement data

Sec. 469A. Nonliability for financial institutions providing financial records to State child support enforcement agencies in child support cases

Sec. 469B. Grants to States for access and visitation programs

Part E—Federal Payments for Foster Care and Adoption Assistance

Sec. 470. Purpose: appropriation

Sec. 471. State plan for foster care and adoption assistance

Sec. 472. Foster care maintenance payments program

Sec. 473. Adoption and Guardianship assistance program


Sec. 474. Payments to States; Allotments to States

Sec. 475. Definitions

Sec. 476. Technical assistance; Data collection and evaluation

Sec. 477. John H. Chafee foster care independence program

Sec. 478. Rule of construction

Sec. 479. Collection of data relating to adoption and foster care

Sec. 479A. Annual report

Sec. 479B. Programs operated by Indian tribal organizations

[1]  Title IV of the Social Security Act is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Office of Family Assistance administers benefit payments under Title IV, Parts A and C. The Administration for Public Services, Office of Human Development Services, administers social services under Title IV, Parts B and E. The Office of Child Support Enforcement administers the child support program under Title IV, Part D.

Title IV appears in the United States Code as §§601–687, subchapter IV, chapter 7, Title 42.

Regulations of the Secretary of Health and Human Services relating to Title IV are contained in chapters II, III, and XIII, Title 45, Code of Federal Regulations. Regulations of the Secretary of Labor relating to Title IV are contained in subtitle A, Title 29, and chapter 29, Title 41, Code of Federal Regulations.

See Vol. II, 31 U.S.C. 3720 and 3720A, with respect to collection of payments due to Federal agencies; 6504–6505, with respect to intergovernmental cooperation; 7501–7507, with respect to uniform audit requirements for State and local governments receiving Federal financial assistance.

See Vol. II, P.L. 82-183, §618, which prohibits denial of grants-in-aid under certain conditions.

See Vol. II, P.L. 88-352, §601, for prohibition against discrimination in federally assisted programs.

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[2] This table of contents does not appear in the law.