Sec1887[42 U.S.C. 1395xx] (a)(1) The Secretary shall by regulation determine criteria for distinguishing those services (including inpatient and outpatient services) rendered in hospitals or skilled nursing facilities—

(A) which constitute professional medical services, which are personally rendered for an individual patient by a physician and which contribute to the diagnosis or treatment of an individual patient, and which may be reimbursed as physicians’ services under part B, and

(B) which constitute professional services which are rendered for the general benefit to patients in a hospital or skilled nursing facility and which may be reimbursed only on a reasonable cost basis or on the bases described in section 1886.

(2)(A) For purposes of cost reimbursement, the Secretary shall recognize as a reasonable cost of a hospital or skilled nursing facility only that portion of the costs attributable to services rendered by a physician in such hospital or facility which are services described in paragraph (1)(B), apportioned on the basis of the amount of time actually spent by such physician rendering such services.

(B) In determining the amount of the payments which may be made with respect to services described in paragraph (1)(B), after apportioning costs as required by subparagraph (A), the Secretary may not recognize as reasonable (in the efficient delivery of health services) such portion of the provider’s costs for such services to the extent that such costs exceed the reasonable compensation equivalent for such services. The reasonable compensation equivalent for any service shall be established by the Secretary in regulations.

(C) The Secretary may, upon a showing by a hospital or facility that it is unable to recruit or maintain an adequate number of physicians for the hospital or facility on account of the reimbursement limits established under this subsection, grant exceptions to such reimbursement limits as may be necessary to allow such provider to provide a compensation level sufficient to provide adequate physician services in such hospital or facility.

(b)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), in the case of a provider of services which is paid under this title on a reasonable cost basis, or other basis related to costs that are reasonable, and which has entered into a contract for the purpose of having services furnished for or on behalf of it, the Secretary may not include any cost incurred by the provider under the contract if the amount payable under the contract by the provider for that cost is determined on the basis of a percentage (or other proportion) of the provider’s charges, revenues, or claim for reimbursement.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply—

(A) to services furnished by a physician and described in subsection (a)(1)(B) and covered by regulations in effect under subsection (a), and

(B) under regulations established by the Secretary, where the amount involved under the percentage contract is reasonable and the contract—

(i) is a customary commercial business practice, or

(ii) provides incentives for the efficient and economical operation of the provider of services.