Sec2006[42 U.S.C. 1397e] (a) Each State shall prepare reports on its activities carried out with funds made available (or transferred for use) under this subtitle. Reports shall be prepared annually, covering the most recently completed fiscal year, and shall be in such form and contain such information (including but not limited to the information specified in subsection (c)) as the State finds necessary to provide an accurate description of such activities, to secure a complete record of the purposes for which funds were spent, and to determine the extent to which funds were spent in a manner consistent with the reports required by section 2004. The State shall make copies of the reports required by this section available for public inspection within the State and shall transmit a copy to the Secretary. Copies shall also be provided, upon request, to any interested public agency, and each such agency may provide its views on these reports to the Congress.

(b) Each State shall, not less often than every two years, audit its expenditures from amounts received (or transferred for use) under this title. Such State audits shall be conducted by an entity independent of any agency administering activities funded under this subtitle, in accordance with generally accepted auditing principles. Within 30 days following the completion of each audit, the State shall submit a copy of that audit to the legislature of the State and to the Secretary. Each State shall repay to the United States amounts ultimately found not to have been expended in accordance with this subtitle, or the Secretary may offset such amounts against any other amount to which the State is or may become entitled under this subtitle.

(c) Each report prepared and transmitted by a State under subsection (a) shall set forth (with respect to the fiscal year covered by the report)—

(1) the number of individuals who received services paid for in whole or in part with funds made available under this subtitle, showing separately the number of children and the number of adults who received such services, and broken down in each case to reflect the types of services and circumstances involved;

(2) the amount spent in providing each such type of service, showing separately for each type of service the amount spent per child recipient and the amount spent per adult recipient;

(3) the criteria applied in determining eligibility for services (such as income eligibility guidelines, sliding fee scales, the effect of public assistance benefits, and any requirements for enrollment in school or training programs); and

(4) the methods by which services were provided, showing separately the services provided by public agencies and those provided by private agencies, and broken down in each case to reflect the types of services and circumstances involved.

The Secretary shall establish uniform definitions of services for use by the States in preparing the information required by this subsection, and make such other provision as may be necessary or appropriate to assure that compliance with the requirements of this subsection will not be unduly burdensome on the States.

(d) For other provisions requiring States to account for Federal grants, see section 6503 of title 31, United States Code[7].

[7]  See Vol. II, 31 U.S.C. 6503.