Electronic Records Express

Electronic Records Express (ERE) is an initiative by Social Security that offers a secure electronic option for submitting records related to disability claims. SSA strongly encourages electronic submission of medical records, vocational documents, and other materials pertinent to a claimant’s case.

ERE provides the following functionality:

  • Securely submit documents electronically to a claimant’s electronic folder
  • Track the status of submissions
  • Send a secure one-way communication to a Hearing Office or Appeals Council branch

This functionality, as well as electronic folder access and other features, are available in another application called Appointed Representative Services (ARS). Representatives who request direct payment of authorized fees are required to register for an ARS account. Non-attorney representatives who do not request direct payment of authorized fees are also eligible to enroll. For more information on ARS, please visit our website.

Representatives and their staff who are not eligible for ARS or not required to use ARS can register for an ERE account.

Getting Started

To have an ERE account created, call the Social Security Electronic Records Express Help Desk at 1-866-691-3061. This number is staffed from 7am – 7pm EST, Monday thru Friday. After hours questions about new ERE account registration may be emailed to electronic-records-express@ssa.gov.

Current ERE Users

Click this link to go to the login page.

ERE User Guides