National Survey of SSI Children and Families (NSCF)

The NSCF collected data on the health status and functional limitations, health care utilization, health insurance coverage, receipt of services, SSI experience, socioeconomic status of children’s households, and housing characteristics of over 8,000 children who were receiving, had received, or were applying for SSI.  We limited the study to the non-institutionalized population in the continental United States (i.e., we did not include residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories).  We began data collection in July 2001 and ended it in July 2002. 

We originally released a public-use file but withdrew it from public distribution to ensure compliance with current disclosure policies.  Although we found no disclosure issues, we no longer support the previous file.  All users should use the new data files and documentation available on this page for analysis.

Public-Use Data

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