Data & Surveys

We collect and prepare data to inform research and policy making related to disability and work, including on the occupational requirements of jobs in the national economy.  These public-use surveys and administrative data collections are available to external and internal researchers; restricted-use versions may be available with an appropriate data use agreement.

Social Security releases Public Use Files for the general public to use in statistical analyses.

Disability Analysis File (DAF)

The Disability Analysis File (DAF) is an analytical file consisting of agency administrative data in an easy-to-use format.

Occupational Information System Project

Our disability process uses data from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and, its companion, Selected Characteristics of Occupations, as primary references for information about jobs and job requirements. To address this, we partnered with DOL’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to explore the National Compensation Survey (NCS) for updated occupational information. BLS used the NCS infrastructure to develop the Occupational Requirements Survey, collecting data since 2015.

The National Beneficiary Survey (NBS)

The NBS collects data on a wide range of variables not available in the agency’s administrative systems, including socio-demographic information, health and functional status, health insurance, interest in work, barriers to work, use of services, employment, income, and experience with Social Security programs.

The National Survey of SSI Children and Families (NSCF)

The NSCF is a collection of data on the health status and functional limitations, health care utilization, health insurance coverage, receipt of services, SSI experience, socioeconomic status of children’s households, and housing characteristics of over 8,000 children who were receiving, had received, or were applying for SSI.