This page provides general information on the Plan to Achieve Self-Support or PASS. For more information, please go to the bottom of this page for more links about PASS.

What is a PASS?

  • It is an SSI provision to help individuals with disabilities return to work.

How does a PASS help someone return to work?

  • SSI eligibility and payment amount are based on income and resources (things of value that individual owns).
  • PASS lets disabled individual set aside money and/or things he or she owns to pay for items or services needed to achieve a specific work goal.

How does PASS work?

  • Applicant finds out what training, items or services needed to reach work goal.
  • Can include supplies to start business, school expenses, equipment and tools, transportation and uniform requests.
  • Applicant finds out how much these items and services will cost.
  • PASS can help person save to pay these costs. PASS lets person set aside money for installment payments as well as a down payment for things like a vehicle, wheelchair or computer if needed to reach work goal.

How do you set up a PASS?

  • Decide on work goal and determining items and services necessary to achieve.
  • Can get help in setting up plan from a vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselor; an organization that helps people with disabilities; Benefits Specialists or Protection and Advocacy organizations who have contracts with SSA; Employment Networks involved in the Ticket to Work program; the local Social Security office or anyone else willing to help him or her.
  • Contact local SSA office; SSA work site or some third parties shown above to get a PASS form (SSA-545-BK) to complete.
  • Bring or mail it to the Social Security office.
  • SSA usually approves plans prepared by VR
  • If goal is self-employment, there must also be a business plan

What happens to the PASS?

  • SSA sends PASS to SSA employees who are trained to work with PASS.
  • PASS expert works directly with the applicant. PASS expert looks over the plan to see if work goal is reasonable
  • SSA reviews plan to make sure that items and services listed on PASS needed to achieve the work goal and reasonably priced.
  • If changes needed, the PASS expert discusses with the applicant.
  • If PASS not approved, can appeal the decision.

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