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Welcome to W-2 News, the electronic newsletter for employers who submit W-2s to Social Security.

Issue 2008-03
June 9, 2008

Inside this issue:



CBSV Open Enrollment Season Ends on June 30, 2008

Social Security is creating a new consent and fee-based SSN verification service called CBSV which stands for Consent Based Social Security Number Verification. The CBSV service will verify a name and Social Security number (SSN) combination as matching or not matching Social Security’s records for any business or government agency that has registered to use the service, paid the appropriate fees and obtained the written consent of the number holder. This consent authorizes Social Security to disclose the SSN verification to the requesting party. An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required to enroll and become a CBSV user. To use CBSV, a company or agency must enroll before the close of the Open Enrollment period on June 30, 2008, pay a $5000 enrollment fee and then pay a transaction fee per SSN verification. The estimated transaction fee is $0.56 per SSN. Social Security i s currently building the CBSV system and expects it to become available during the month of October 2008.

It is important to note that CBSV is different from our Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). SSNVS is already in operation and allows registered employers to match their record of employee names and Social Security numbers with Social Security's records before preparing and submitting Forms W-2. SSNVS can only be used to verify current or former employees and only for wage reporting (Form W-2) purposes, and cannot be used as part of the pre-hiring process. There are no fees for using SSNVS and the signed consent of the number holder is not needed. Additional information about SSNVS is available on our website at .

CBSV, on the other hand, is a new service for which any interested party with an EIN may register. CBSV will verify a name and SSN combination as matching or not matching SSA records f or any party registered to use the service, but fees are charged and the number holder's written consent is required. More detailed information about CBSV may be found at , including a sample User Agreement and User Guide.

If you have any questions about the CBSV service, please email



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