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1935 Social Security Act



Conditions for approval of State plan.
The conditions are those involved in the purposes of the section: To enable the United States to cooperate with the States in establishing, extending, and strengthening, in predominantly rural areas, child-welfare services for the protection and care of homeless, dependent, and neglected children, and children in danger of becoming delinquent. The amounts shall be allotted on the basis of plans developed jointly by the Children's Bureau and State public-welfare agencies and be expended for payment of part of the cost of local services in areas predominantly rural, and for developing State services for the' encouragement and assistance of adequate methods of community child-welfare organization in areas predominantly rural and other areas of special need.
Amount of Federal grant to State.
$10,000 allotted to each of the States and $990,000 distributed to the States not to exceed proportion of State to United States rural population.
Extent of State financial participation.
Not specifically provided in act.
Federal definition of aid.
See above under "Conditions for approval of State plan."
Method of making allotments.
Not specifically provided in act.

Payments made to the State (at time or times fixed by the designated Federal agency) by the Secretary of the Treasury (through Disbursement Division) prior to audit or settlement by the General Accounting Office.
Suspension of Federal grant.
Not specifically provided in act.
Federal appropriation authorized--Fiscal year 1936.
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