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1935 Social Security Act


PUBLIC HEALTH (Secs. 601-603)

Conditions for approval of State plan. The conditions are those involved in the purposes of the act, which are to assist States "in establishing and maintaining adequate public-health services, including the training of personnel for State and local health work." The moneys paid to any State must be used solely in carrying out these purposes and in accordance with plans presented by the State health authority to the Public Health Service.
Amount of Federal grant to State. $8,000,000 distributed to the States on the basis of (1) population, (2) special health problems, (3) financial needs.
Extent of State financial participation. Not specifically provided in act.
Federal definition of aid. See above under "Conditions for approval of State plan."
Method of making allotments. Allotments made for each quarter in accordance with regulations previously prescribed after conference with State health authorities.
Suspension of Federal grant. Not specifically provided in act.
Federal appropriation authorized--Fiscal year 1936. $8,000,000
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