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1935 Social Security Act



Conditions for approval of State plan. 1. A State plan (for each type of assistance, aid, or service) must be submitted by the State to the designated Federal administrative agency for approval.
For old-age assistance, aid to the blind, and aid to dependent children, each of the plans must be State-wide, and, if administered by political subdivisions must be mandatory upon them.
2. Financial participation by the State must be provided in the State plan (for each type of assistance, aid, or service.)
3. A single State agency must be established or designated to administer the State plan or established or designated to supervise the administration of the State plan.
4. Methods of administration (other than those relating to selection, tenure, and compensation of personnel) necessary for the efficient operation of the plan.
5. Reports must be submitted in such form and containing such information as may be from time to time required by the designated Federal administrative agency.
6. Provide for carrying out the purposes specified in the appropriation.
7. Provide cooperation with medical, health, nursing, and welfare organizations and with agencies charged with vocational rehabilitation of physically handicapped children.
Amount of Federal grant to State. $20,000 allotted to each State and $1,830,000 distributed to the States on the basis of need taking into consideration the number of crippled children in need of such services and the cost thereof.
Extent of State financial participation. Amount equal to Federal payment.
Federal definition of aid. Services and facilities for crippled children or for children suffering from conditions which lead to crippling.
Method of making allotments. Allotments made for each quarter on the basis of estimated State expenditures and appropriations, and investigations by the appropriate Federal agency.

Payments made to the State (at time or times fixed by the designated Federal agency) by the Secretary of the Treasury (through Disbursement Division) prior to audit or settlement by the General Accounting Office.
Suspension of Federal grant. In the case of an approved plan which the Secretary of Labor finds after reasonable notice and opportunity for hearing fails to comply substantially in the administration of the plan the Secretary shall notify the State agency that further payments will not be made.
Federal appropriation authorized--Fiscal year 1936. $2,850,000
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